Hubway Data
Visualization Challenge

By James Mullen & Michael Winston

Hublaster is an Asteroids clone created using ImpactJS in under 20 hours for the Hubway Data Visualization Challenge. Our goal was simple - to gamify the data exploration experience. While playing Hublaster, you can jump to any date on which Hubway rentals occurred and watch as bikes depart and arrive at stations according to historical ride data. The color of each bike is determined by whether an annual rider (green) or casual rider (blue) is using it. If the ride duration has exceeded 30 minutes, the bike turns purple to indicate that a usage fee was assessed. You might notice more casual riders on weekends and more annual members during rush hour. What trends can you find in the data?

Bicycles in Hublaster leave their origin and travel in a random direction; just before the end of each trip, the bicycles will rush to their destination. Provide riders a helmet before they arrive!

Developer Notes

Hublaster was written using a combination of javascript, python, html, and css. It is very resource intensive, as it draws a lot of things on the screen at the same time.

Hublaster was tested on newer Windows and OSX machines using Google Chrome. It loads a huge data file, and this seems to cause some problems in Safari and Firefox. Sometimes you may need to restart your browser after a few plays. A lite version (that loads less data) is currently in progress for Safari and Firefox users.