Hubway Data
Visualization Challenge

By Citilabs

This visualization depicts several aspects of a bicycle-sharing demand model developed by Citilabs using the Hubway data and implemented in Cube Cloud. The model could be used for the following: • Forecasting changes in Hubway utilization based upon changes in demographics and land use within the Boston area • Identifying the streets on which Hubway riders are likeliest to be found • Evaluating the effect of bicycle lanes on Hubway ridership • Evaluating Census blocks within the Boston area as potential locations for new or relocated Hubway stations • Designing a bicycle-sharing system similar to Hubway for a similar city The map shows: a) Which Hubway stations are used most b) Which city blocks would have the highest potential for bicycle-sharing, if a Hubway station were to be located there, according to the model, and c) The estimated distribution of Hubway trips on the roadway and path network connecting the stations. To access and play with the model, log in to with the user name "Hubway" and password "Hubway!"

Additional download: BikeShareModelUserGuide.pdf