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Visualization Challenge

UPDATE: New comprehensive trip history data have been posted. Data from Hubway's launch in 2011 through the end of the 2013 regular season are now available.

In 2012, Hubway and MAPC challenged the public to visualize half a million Hubway rides. The Challenge is now closed, but you can still see the winners below. We will continue to serve the dataset and updates from this website.

Challenge Winners

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The challenge is over, but it's never too late to have fun with data. If you come up with something cool, please send it to us at submit[at]!

The Judges

Gabriel Florit, Boston Globe
Gabriel Florit makes data visualizations for the Boston Globe. Previously, he wrote software to keep track of trains, fell 200 feet off a mountain, and got lost in Alaska for two years.
Darcey Moore, Institute of Contemporary Art
Darcey Moore, Registrar at the ICA and Contemporary Exhibitions, specializes in organizing aesthetic data, creating and re-creating feats of contemporary installation, and riding her bike to bakeries and ice cream shops.
Irene Ros, Bocoup
Irene Ros is an open source javascript developer with a focus on creating engaging, informative and interactive data-driven interfaces and visualizations. Her love for data and its visual forms started at The Visual Communication Lab @ IBM Research and now continues at Bocoup.
Holly St. Clair, Metropolitan Area Planning Council
Holly St. Clair is the Director of Data Services at MAPC, where she works to organize, visualize, utilize and democratize data. She is a mother of two and founder of the “Fresh in the Village”, an art and locavore food project.
Scott Mullen, Hubway
Scott Mullen is General Manager of Hubway. He previously ran Zipcar’s national university program, and was a member of the LivableStreets Alliance board of directors.
Sarah Williams, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sarah Williams, an Assistant Professor of Urban Planning and the Director of the Civic Data Design Project at MIT, employs data visualization and mapping techniques to expose and communicate urban patterns and policy issues to broader audiences. Her work is also part of the permanent collection in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York.
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